Queen Jade

Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan (Writer, Producer and Director) graduated with a BFA degree in film production from one of the world top film schools at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Jade has years of experience in show business, producing films, talent management, event coordinating, fundraising, and marketing research, as well as teaching, writing, theater directing and business administration. She is the founder of DeafVision Filmworks, Inc. and Jade Films and Entertainment, LLC. Under the auspices of her production company, Jade Films and Entertainment, she has plans to form an agency exclusively focused on producing fashion shows, music videos, feature films, commercials, coordinating model recruitment, managing talent and special project developments.

Jade produced and directed award winning documentaries, “Listen to the Hands of Our People,” On and Off Stage: The Bruce Hlibok Stories,” and most recently, “911 Fear in Silence: The Forgotten Underdogs.” She has written several screenplays that are currently in the development stage. Currently, Jade is seeking financial backing for her next feature, “The Double Life of Zhane Azele,” an expansion from a short, “Cutting The Edge of a Free Bird,” which she directed in 1991 for a school project. She has several stars power she would like to attach to her project. Jade is shopping for a co-producer to collaborate with her on the project.

Now that she has completed her first feature, Jade is looking forward to touring the festival circuit with her film, “If Your Could Hear My Own Tune,” formerly known as “Somalia: A Love Story,” for the year 2010-2012. She worked tirelessly on the film for 9 years. She anticipates that it will be the highlight breakthrough of her filmmaking career.

Jade founded Visual Music Project Campaign to spread awareness with a goal to build partnerships with the music and technology industry. She believes in the advocacy of making music videos accessible to the sign language consumers everywhere. While she continues to produce and direct music video and organize community events, she enjoys staying busy.

Some of her music video work can be found here:

Some of her projects can be found here:
911 Fear in Silence
Jade Films and Enterainment
MICA Runway 2010

“ It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him.”

–  John Steinbeck

Queen Jade

Damon L. Tidwell (Director of Photography), A native of Buffalo, New York, received a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Film/Video/Animation production and his concentration was Cinematography in 1999. He was one of the FIRST deaf film student graduated from that dept, along with five other deaf and hard of hearing students.
While attending R.I.T, he shot six short films for both undergraduate and graduate students. He shot weddings , PSA, and night life's during his spare time. His ultimate passion is Narrative motion picture.
Damon moved to NYC in the Fall of 2000, he worked on music videos, shorts and features, and documentaries as crew member before focusing on being a cinematographer full time. In 2004, Damon shot his seventh short with his friend and mentor; Roderrick Giles' SHOOTOUT .
 "If I Could Hear My Own Tune" is Damon first feature as Director of Photography. 


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Alex Bordino (Editor) is a freelance editor and editing instructor at Mount Saint Mary College and Dutchess Community College in New York's Hudson Valley.  He attended film school at Brooklyn College in New York City. His film credits include features, short narratives, documentaries, commercials, trailers, and television spots.  He is currently completing a feature film to be release in early 2011.






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Ross Byron Boughton (Colorist), Editor, Digital Cinematographer and Sound Designer, is working out of his New York City based editing studios and is also quickly becoming one
of the top independent freelancers in NYC.

Working in just about all aspects of the entertainment industry, Ross specializes in features films, television commercials and spec work.

With clients including:
Mercedes Benz, American Express, Candie's , The Independent Film Channel, AHG, GM
Caribbean Joe, Moodude Films, Silverfox Video, Bader TV, Westside Video, The New York City Horror Film Festival, McGuffin Filmworks


The Feature Films:
Dead Serious (Moodude Films / McGuffin Filmworks)
Blood Brothers Good Humor Don't Get Me Wrong Fender Saves The World
Short Films:

This Is How My Brother Died (Moodude Films)
Cyclone (Moodude Films)
Woulda shoulda coulda
Television: American Express Lady by the sea

Commercial / Industrial:
Mercedes Benz (Television commercial spot)
Candie's (Industrial)
The Independent Film Channel (Television commercial spots)
AHG Caribbean Joe (Industrial)
Silverfox Video (Industrial)
Bader TV (Industrial)

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Denise Barbarita (ADR/Music Supervisor) After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering, Denise moved to her favorite place in the world, New York City.

During her first few years, she concentrated on honing her craft as an engineer, but she always found the time to write songs and perform around town. Denise had been involved in songwriting projects with various artists, then in 1996, was offered the opportunity to enter a development agreement with EMI Publishing. After that relationship ended, Denise felt confident that she could strike out on her own and make a name for herself as an independent singer/songwriter. To seal her commitment, she founded MyShyTune Publishing. In 2002, as she found herself working as a freelance engineer/producer, she created a production arm and personal studio to the MyShyTune brand.

In 2002, Denise released her debut album, "Beauty Lied" with the help of upstart independent label, Weapons of Choice. The album hit the shelves with rave reviews. "Beauty Lied" exhibits Denise's abilities as a singer/songwriter as well as showcasing her talents as an engineer/producer. "Chaos & Congeniality" (2005) and "Alive and B-Sides" (2007) soon followed, garnering loads of accolades and rave reviews.

Denise's songs have received national and international radio airplay (terrestrial/satellite/internet).Denise has also been very successful in licensing her original music for film and TV programs. Denise was delighted to find her song entitled, "No More Words" was used in the opening of a film for the Nissan Outdoor games 2008. Over 10 of Denise's songs from her past 3 albums are featured regularly on the daytime TV dramas, "One Life to Live" and "The Young & The Restless". "Hush Hush" , the single from "Chas & Congeniality" , has proven to be one of her most popular songs. "Hush Hush" was featured on the ABC prime time TV series, "Traveler", the opening theme for the independent film, "How to Grow an Olive Tree", and also serves as the theme song for popular webisode, "Issues: The Series".

Denise began production for her latest endeavor, "A Beautiful Mess" in September 2008. Her hotly anticipated 4th CD will be available on hard copy CD, and as a multiple format digital download here on MyShyTune.com in late Spring 2010. "A Beautiful Mess" features collaborations with world music artist, Francis Mbappe (FM Groove), as well as cameo appearances from guitarist Danny Chavis (Apollo Heights/The Veldt), and guitarist/composer, Michael Hewett. The new album also features Denise's new band line-up, THE MORNING PAPERS. Since 2007, guitarist Kelsey Warren (frontman of the band, Pillow Theory) has stepped in to take part in performing and collaborating with Denise. He is also listed as co- producer for 3 tracks on "A Beautiful Mess".

Denise has recently been working to gain exposure as a composer. Her first scoring job came in 2009 for the popular webisode, "Issues: The Series". In 2009, she completed many instrumental tracks that have been featured as background score for various cable TV programs and yoga related events across the country. She also completed scoring her first trailer, "Dying Notes", in January 2010.

Denise has been touring across the US and abroad since 2003. She will continue to do so in support of her new CD, "A Beautiful Mess".


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James Hicken (Additional Sound Designer) is an audio editior/mixer and sound designer. Please visit his web site.










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Bram Weiser ( Technical Advisor) earned National Certification by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) as a sign-language interpreter in 2008, and has been consulting with Jade Films and Entertainment beginning with the "9/11: Fear in Silence" documentary project.  Bram is also Membership Chair of RID's New York City affiliate chapter, a position he's held since 2006; Recording Secretary and Board Member of New York Deaf Theatre, positions he's also held since 2006; and ASL Coordinator for Nicu's Spoon Theatre as well, where he's been since 2005.  In addition, Bram has been coordinating monthly ASL-interpreted Services and Events for New York City's Town & Village Synagogue since 2005, sometimes interpreting there, too.