Jade Films and Entertainment (JFE) is an independent company with goals encompassing a board range of businesses, such as: 


Development of Multimedia Projects, Interpreter Mentorship Program Television and Film Production, Acting Training School, Artist Management, New Technology, Music Videos, Marketing and Apparel.


When we tell stories to our audience, our goal is to spotlight new and thriving talents. We want to engage, inspire, provoke, invoke and educate them. We believe in elevating the voices of POC/Black Deaf Talent. We want to see ourselves dramatized on the screen. We also strive to be in-the-know about the latest happenings, buzz, and trends. 


Jade Films believes in correcting and addressing any type of misrepresentation, culture and language appropriation and misconception. Quite often, our voices are overlooked, marginalized and kept on the sidelines.


Jade Films has a goal of building bridges and collaborating with other storytellers by bringing entertainment to our community, those who are also, and most importantly, are our consumers as well.


We are a rather innovative and creative group, looking to assimilate with the population at large, but not looking to be limited by thoughts of ‘should’ or ‘have to’. Jade Films stands out by being unique; by thinking outside of the conforming box. 

Photo credit by Clare Cassidy

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