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Jade Films Acting School (JFAS), based in New York, is very new and we’re building our brand one step at and time. 

Whether you’re pursuing a career in acting for the stage, film or television, our goal is to provide the tools to help discipline and prepare aspiring actors of all levels or professional actors the training taught by experienced instructors. 

Jade Films Acting School is constructed to train and prepare talents of all level of skills for a successful career for our all our production projects such as stage, actor’s showcases, film and television. 

For example, when our episodic TV pilot gets picked up, our policy requires that all talents cast for roles must go through our classes, especially boundary and acting etiquette workshop. It does not matter if they are trained elsewhere, they still have to take our classes in order to be on our show. Jade Films Acting School believes that actors should master and gain a strong acting foundation, professionalism, the right attitude and the right mindset.

Jade Films Acting School
New York, NY

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