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MonologueSlam Showcases & More 
New York, NY

What is the purpose of an acting showcase? Simple answer. It’s for actors to perform their best work playing parts close to their heart. And to do all this in front of an audience. Sometimes agents, managers, producers, directors or casting directors sit in the audience. You just never know. You as an actor can invite them. 

The goal for the Actor’s Showcase is to be used as a platform for our acting students and emerging talents to showcase their best work. In addition, to attract and increase new potential students to sign up for the Jade Films Acting School (JFAS) classes. If you’re also a writer, we welcome you to submit your written work from 3-5 minutes. 

Now, if you have a different idea, such as, you’re seeking fame or expect to get paid, expect us to go on a tour, like The Vagina Monologue, then, I hate to burst your fantasy bubble, this is not for you. This is why it’s called an actor’s showcase, a space to express your art. The Actor’s Showcase is established as a platform for actors to have a good time, become inspired, grow and become a better actor.  All actors, hearing or deaf are welcome to sign up.

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