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Jade Bryan™


JADE BRYAN is the First Black Deaf Award-Winning Filmmaker who graduated with a BFA degree in film production from one of the world's top film schools at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in 1993.

JADE is also an activist who cares about social issues and fights for equality and accessibility. She has been using her platform to address and speak out about the erasure of POC/Black Deaf Voices in Film and Television.  In 2012, she started the Deaf Talent® Movement (#DeafTalent®) to raise awareness  for those who are Black and POC, including those with other intersectional identities, (LGBT+) who have been systematically boxed out of the Film and Television industry.


JADE is the original creator and owner of #DeafTalent®.  JADE continues to promote and raise awareness using hashtags, #POCDeafTalent  and #BlackDeafTalent on social media to elevate our voices.  It is still an ongoing fight for recognition, visibility and inclusion in front of and behind the camera.  To learn more about our movement, come on in! 

With JADE's proven track record, she often ask two questions: What it would take to increase the numbers of Deaf Black and POC Talent in front of and behind the camera? What it would take for us to have our own television show? 

Hollywood and the Television Industry need to open their doors to Deaf Female Creators of Color who are the largest untapped potential talent.  Jade is a Go To Person to help producers, writers, directors and executives to ensure that our cultural representations, Deaf & Disabled characters, and storylines are multi-dimensional and authentic.

To learn more about JADE, click here. 

Jade Bryan graduated with a BFA degree in film production from one of the world's top film schools at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Jade founded DeafVision Filmworks, Inc. and Jade Films and Entertainment, LLC, and has produced and directed such award-winning documentaries as “Listen to the Hands of Our People", ”On and Off Stage: The Bruce Hlibok Stories”, “9/11 Fear in Silence: The Forgotten Underdogs” and “Reaching Zenith: A Black Deaf Filmmaker’s Journey.”

Jade completed her first feature, “If Your Could Hear My Own Tune”, which toured the festival circuit from 2010-2012. She worked tirelessly on the film for nine (9) years, which she produced in 2001. Jade in talks about producing it into a musical play (staged reading) this summer/fall of 2018. The new title is “Feel My Song.”

"The Shattered Mind” is her most recent feature film she completed in 2014 and toured 47 film festivals around the globe. “The Shattered Mind” won 17 awards; included Best Sound, Audience Award, Special Jury Prize, Best Exhibition Film and Best Narrative Feature and Short.

One of Jade’s projects, "The Two Essences", a comedy sitcom pilot, will be her first television series. She is also pitching another pilot, “The Innocent Project,” about deaf females hero complex. And she is also working on a documentary, “Black and Deaf in America”, about various issues regarding deaf (African-Americans) who were impacted by police brutality, racism, black erasure and oppression in the educational system.

Jade believes in promoting inclusion, awareness, and positive representation of Deaf Talent of Color in television and film. She created the #DeafTalent® Movement on social media in 2012.         (Click here to read Jade's CV)

Jade Films

When we tell stories to our audience, our goal is to spotlight new and thriving talents. We want to engage with, inspire, provoke thought, and educate audiences about the value of hiring BIPOC Deaf talent in the media, entertainment and technology industries. We believe in elevating the voices of BIPOC Deaf Talent. We want to see ourselves dramatized on the screen.


We strive to be in the know about the latest happenings, buzz, and trends in multiple industries Jade Films believes in correcting and addressing any type of misrepresentation, culture and language appropriation, and misconception of BIPOC Deaf talent. Quite often, our voices are overlooked, marginalized, and kept on the sidelines.


Jade Films and Entertainment (JFE) is an independent company with goals encompassing a broad range of businesses, such as the Development of Multimedia Projects, Interpreter Mentorship programs, Television, and Film Production Training Lab, Acting School, Artist Management, New Technology, Music Videos, Marketing and Apparel.


Jade Films’ goal is to build bridges with studios and executives to collaborate with other storytellers by bringing our community to entertainment , and also serve our clients needs well. We are an innovative and creative group,  who are active participants of society , and not limited by biased beliefs about how BIPOC Deaf consultants should navigate this industry.


Jade Films stands out as  unique and actively thinking outside of the box to bring solutions to existing problems with diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility in the media, entertainment and technology industries.  

Photo credit by Joey Cortez

Credit & Inspired by Sara Denner and
graphic by George "Glee" Lee
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